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When it comes to wheelchairs, there are a number of different options, accessories and types. Choosing the right wheelchair for your needs is vital, as not only will it help ensure it functions as you require, but it will also provide comfort and support. Below we will explore everything you need to know about buying a wheelchair, and even help you save on the price of your next purchase.

Manual Wheelchairs

Popular Types of Wheelchair

In the UK, there are a wide range of different wheelchairs available to consumers, from the budget and basic models costing as little as £60, through to the powered and custom varieties that can cost several thousand. Below are some of the most popular types of wheelchairs, with a brief overview and look into what makes them a customer favourite.

Travel Wheelchair

Travel Wheelchair

Prices from £60

Travel wheelchairs are lightweight and quickly fold down, making them ideal for easy transportation. They are also typically one of the most affordable types of wheelchair available. Not only does the folding capability make them ideal for transporting, such as in the boot of a vehicle, but they are also easier to store.

Transit Wheelchair

Prices from £60

Similar to the previous model, a Transit Wheelchair must be pushed by an attendant, and cannot be controlled by the user. They normally lack the same folding capabilities, and are heavier than travel wheelchairs. Whilst not as portable, they are typically stronger and more durable than travel chairs.

Cheap Self Propelled Wheelchair

Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Prices from £70

Unlike the previous two types of chair, a self-propelled wheelchair has 2 larger wheels, which allows the user to control the chair and move around independently. There are many different types of self-propelled wheelchair, including travel and sports chairs, which can cost significantly more than basic models.

Electric Wheelchair

Prices from £649

As the name suggests, an electric wheelchair uses an electric motor to enable the user to control and propel the chair. Electric wheelchairs generally feature a user friendly joystick, which allows for easy maneuvering of the chair. The cost is often far greater than a traditional wheelchair, but can greatly enhance a users independence.

Electric Wheelchairs

Other Wheelchairs

In addition to those listed above, there are a number of other types of wheelchair available.

    • Tilt or folding wheelchairs are commonly available, and allow the user to move from a seated to a lying position, whilst still in the chair.
    • Glide wheelchairs are similar to a standard sitting chair, but are fitted with small wheels on each leg.
    • Transit transfer chairs are commonly used in medical situations. They sit higher and lack armrests, making it easier to treat and move a patient.
    • As well as the more common types, there are many custom wheelchairs, which provide added support and better meet a users requirements.

Children’s wheelchairs are also available. They are designed suit the needs of younger users, as we will explore further below.

VAT Relief on Wheelchairs

Pay 0% VAT on Wheelchairs & Accessories

If you have a physical or mental impairment, chronic illness or are terminally ill, you can receive VAT relief on a range of purchases. Items that are exempt from VAT are those which are designed or adapted for a disability or illness, such as a wheelchair. 

Top Wheelchair Brands

There are thousands of wheelchair options and configurations available in the UK, from a range of manufacturers. Below are some of the most popular brands.

Popular Brands

Drive Wheelchair
Roma Medical Wheelchairs
Karma lightweight wheelchairs
CareCo wheelchairs
I Go wheelchair

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childrens chairs




reclining wheelchairs

Popular Wheelchair Manufacturers

Top Buying Tips

Below are a few helpful tips and tricks to consider before purchasing your new wheelchair –

  • Know what you need. There are a lot of different types of wheelchair available, each with there own advantages and disadvantages. If you are unsure what type of wheelchair will be the best fit for your needs, or perhaps want to try a new type of chair, why not consider hiring a wheelchair for a few days.
  • Create a budget. When buying new equipment, it is important to stick to a budget that is affordable for you. Whilst most wheelchairs are available in affordable options, some models, such as powerchairs, can cost several thousand pounds. To help you quickly find the right chair, consider who much you would like to spend before starting your search.
  • Find a great deal. Many online and high street retailers stock the same selection of leading brands, so you can find often find a great deal by doing a little research. When searching for the cheapest wheelchair prices, remember it is also a good idea to check whether the advertised price includes postage, and also consider after-sales support by checking reviews.
  • Consider extras. If you are looking for any additional accessories, it is always a good idea to check whether you can there is a package deal available. Adding accessories at the time of purchase will not only help save you money, but it will also ensure that the extras match your chosen wheelchair.

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